Ishinomaki (off the beaten track)

Last Wednesday in Naruko, I met with Sakurai Kokeshi’s team. Roger, who was part of the team, recommended that I meet one of his friends, Dennis “you should really meet him somehow”). So here I am! On Thursday, on my way back to Ogatsu, I met Dennis in Ishinomaki. We could share opinions about local communities, social innovation and craftsmanship. He is really involved in letting students (local and international ones) get together, share ideas and turn words into action about revitalizing communities in specific local areas.

He showed me around, letting me know about the behind-the-scenes recovery story in Ishinomaki “city center” (in the Ishinomaki Station area). It seems like people here got the energy, creativity and resilience to build a whole new network of warm places where you can come along and get to know new people. Good news is that foreigners are also invited to take action in favour of Japan’s will for creation and innovation.

Make sure to visit Dennis’s company’s website and get to learn more about local projects carried out by international teams at Sosei Partners

This picture was taken at IRORI Cafe. This location is part of Ishinomaki 2.0 network.

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