Ethics & purpose

Once again, I am faced with a “social design issue” and local communities, old people, tourists, international volunteers, etc. are at stake here. They are some of “my” users. They are the ones I am considering in this tension between a closed, inward-looking, self-protective community and external users who would like to join sometimes – curious students, tourists, businesspeople. My question: should I, as a (social) designer, always try to get people to BOND together? Should I not think twice and accept the fact that these communities never, after all, asked for my help? Never asked to be opened up to new members? And, therefore, should I even initiate or try to boost social mixing? Try to get people interested in these local communities? Get people to want to learn local and traditional know-how and lifestyle? I feel that, once again, it is going to be one of my challenges on this project!

This leads me to the following questions:

How to prevent culture from ending up in museums?

How to ensure transmission of know-how, while making sure the know-how stays in good hands?

Let’s see what field research (especially observation and one-to-one interviews) in Ogatsu, Miyagi area will reveal.

Project to be handed over to MORIUMIUS at the end of May 2018!

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